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The Toys Who Walk #1 (Digital)

The Toys Who Walk #1 (Digital)

The Toys Who Walk Issue #1 is a 45-page comic book written by Adam Downing, illustrated by Amauri Morales, edited by Carl Shinyama, and lettered by Sarahy Ocanto. 


This tale follows a group of sentient action figures who come to life after being unboxed by their collector. With no idea why they're alive, they band together and begin to create their own world within the confines of their owner's room. They explore their backstories, and form a tight-knit group.


The story begins with the arrival of V, a noir-superhero action figure from the cult classic series "V the Vigilante." As V adjusts to his new life, he meets a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique  strengths and personalities. Together, they navigate the challenges of being living toys in a world that is way too big for them!

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